Fallacies and Poster

Fallacy 1: “Since eighty eight percent of graduates are from private colleges, this shows that there might be a preference to private colleges”
Type of Fallacy: Hasty Generalization. I’m stating the reason for a high amount of people enrolled in privates colleges is because people prefer them more. The high percentage can also be because there are not many public colleges.
Correction for fallacy: State that there is a high percentage of people enrolled in private colleges, but don’t make an unsupported claim at the end.

Fallacy 2: “Government’s involvement in the creation of these institutes [Indian Institute of Technology] will help boost the number of graduates”
Type of Fallacy: Hasty Generalization. I’m saying that the increase in the colleges will increase the number of graduates, which might not necessarily be true.
Correction of Fallacy: Add information of why there will be a boost on the number of graduates. For example, show statistics on how many people apply to the IIT. If there is a lot of competition, then it shows that increase in the number of IIT’s will help boost the number of high skilled graduates.

The poster will be divided into three sections. The first section will be about education and the problems that they have, such as lack of professors and lab equipment. The second section will be about the IT industry and how the improvement of education can help this industry prosper. The third section will be about what the government can do to fix the problems in the education system and help keep the software industry going.