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I am interested in researching the market for human organs.

Because I want to find out if the market for human organs is a more efficient way getting organs to people who need them than what we have in place now.

And this is important because if the market for human organs is indeed more efficient, then that would save lives.


1. Would you be willing to look at other ways of allocating human organs, beyond the market and donation?

2. Can you analyze the market for all human organs, or do different organs make for different acting markets?

3. Are there moral/religious restrictions associated with organ transfer that would not be represented in a market analysis of human organs?

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  1. The author, seeing certain inefficiencies in the way organ donations are dealt with, wants to streamline the process of obtaining organs for individuals on waiting lists. He see that there are possible advantages to the black market.

    1. What are the reasons the market is illegal?

    2. How substantial of an impact would this have on the wait times for organs?

    3. Has this integration of the two systems been tried before?

    1. A study on personal reasons against organ transplants

    2. Contrast the way organs are handled in different societies around the world


    1. I agree with the majority of what was rephrased. I indeed do view the current way of allocating human organs in the United States as inefficient. However, I would like to investigate more than just the act of streamlining a waiting list with the market, and I would like to go further than to say the black market has advantages.

      The suggestions about narrowing my focus are very good, and I will definitely try to answer them with my research.

      I would like to research the validity and rationality of legalizing the market for human organs, because I want to find out if legalizing it would lead to a more efficient way of getting organs to those who want them. I find this question significant because more efficient organ allocation would save lives.

  2. They say that distributing human organs through donation is the most efficient way to get organs to those who need them. I say that legalizing the market for human organs is more efficient.

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