Text Book

I enjoyed reading Text Book. I liked the eclectic combination of readings and enjoyed all the texts that were interspersed and used as examples. I also enjoyed the few questions or activities after the reading. I think some of these activities would be very useful in a classroom setting. The rewriting of Kate Chopin’s writing looked like a neat writing activity.
The setup of the book is very helpful. I found it was organized in a way that made sense to me, it was certainly different then most textbooks. I liked the short explanation that was then followed by a number of examples and then the questions or activities were given. I found that this really helped me to organize the material. I also liked that there were different voices offered.
I think what I really took away from the reading was the use of the anecdote. I had never really thought of using them to teach. What a great way to encapsulate an idea in a short activity. As a journalism person I also appreciate the ability to get an idea across in a short number of words. I think this would be a great way to teach students how to write. It is a way to teach story telling. The student would have to make a point with details a short word limit. I really enjoyed the idea. Students could read anecdotes that highlight an idea and then write their own that capture that same idea. I think these would be a lot of fun to do. I really like using activities in my classroom that are as hands on as possible for students.
This really was an enjoyable text to read. I enjoyed the mixture. It work with my short attention span  It was also easy to break the reading into chunks.