Kogon 6 Blogging: Yes; Boring: No

Admittedly, someone of my generation is by habit, reluctant to expose their deficits of knowledge and their inadequacies of skill to their peers and the public. Seeing my name in the formal tapestry of the samplereality blog almost gave me a nervous breakdown when I realized what I wrote was up there forever.

The torture has served its purpose, however, and continues to demonstrate that, after I read the other posts, I am not so different after all. I admit to vicariously enjoying and tremendously benefiting from my classmates insights and references; I could never begin to discern all that is collectively known in this class, yet, I can now add it to my own accomplishments.

I have noticed that

1. In Magic of Teaching – I am honest about what I do know and hungry for what I do not.

2. In Risk Taking Made Easy – I wished very much to have had more hands-on experience of a             video/techno/graphic nature, and should have seen it coming when I bought a comic       book about Pope John Paul in the 1990’s.

3.  In The Obvious is the Most Difficult – I found out that there is an instruction book on how to    do the unknowable:  read.

4.  In Baldwin Redeems His Characters -I was able to use Biblegateway (a double whammy of     public education filtered through religion).

5.  In Williams and the Struggle of Paradox -I bravely brought out dark meaning in one of my      favorite poets, and managed to respect myself in the morning.

As for rookie mistakes, I had lots of them. The most obvious is my misspelling of “obvious” in the title of Blog #3 and, my favorite, using my age in my username when I signed up for Twitter, not realizing it was visible to everyone. I am not nervous about that anymore, either.