The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

This is what I was going to present on yesterday, but unfortunately the Dr. McNinja website was down and I couldn’t get it to load. Fortunately, now it is back! Check it out, it’s totally hilarious (if you need proof, it rated #3 on’s listing of the 8 funniest webcomics). It’s about a doctor, who is also a ninja. Or a ninja who is also a doctor. Either way. He’s supposed to be a batmanophile whose ninja parents are disappointed in him for pursuing a career where he saves people, rather than killing them. Not that he doesn’t kill people. He kills tons of people. Sometimes with the help of his secretary. Who is also a gorilla. Okay, that’s enough.

One thought on “The Adventures of Dr. McNinja”

  1. The comic book Ursa Minors has a mini-strip in it called Rabbi Ninja that has the tagline “Torn between an oath to kill and a commandment that thous shalt not!” Perhaps an early influence on Dr.Ninja?

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