Just To Name a Few. . .

I didn’t know which web comics to choose (I have twenty bagillion bookmarked right now), so here’s a list of some pretty descent ones I know of:

1. Rice Boy: A surrealist story wherein the titular character is thrown about by fate to fulfill a prophecy.Order of Tales is good, too, but this is worth spending a night reading and pushing off a paper. . . which I wouldn’t know anything about. Nope.

2. Romantically Apocalyptic: Green screens, actors, and some intense patients make this one of the most involved web comics in existence. I think.

3. Happle Tea: Mythology is hilarious on its own, so really this guy’s just lazy. Well, except for the whole scripting, drawing, inking, and  coloring thing. Other than that, freeloader.

4. Scary Go Round: This is the only sci-fi/horror/comedy comic I know of that’s lasted long enough to have “eras.” I wonder why?

5. Girl Genius: Look! Steampunk that isn’t made weird by Will Smith!

6. Gypsy: Proving once and for all that too much learnin’ will, in fact, give you brain freeze. This is a hint.

7. Blip: God is a jerk, and I’m not sure about Satan yet.

8. Hanna is Not a Boy’s Name: Yeah, yeah, vampires, werewolves, wizards, and zombies are overdone. But this one’s pretty!

9. Subnormality: Because, looking over this list, I realize that having 9 links is way better than having just 8. Also, this comic is pretty thoughtful and funny, too. But mostly because I’m OCD.

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  1. Hey! I wanted to post a few of the comics I mentioned in class, but I’m getting weird errors when I try to access my profile. It’s saying my account is archived/suspended.. Prof. Sample, could you check that out?

    Anyways, since it seems I can still post comments, if not posts…


    Other webcomics I enjoy:

    http://oglaf.com/ — This one is NSFW, and frequently employs graphic X-rated humor. If that doesn’t offend your sensibilities, check it out! It’s very funny.

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