Weekly Roundup: Mike Carey and Peter Gross’s The Unwritten

For the weekly roundup for Mike Carey and Peter Gross’s The Unwritten, I’ll choose my favorite in-class discussion…but there are definitely a few different blog posts I’d like to touch on.

Probably my favorite discussion/exercise we’ve done in class so far this semester was the one where the class divided into groups and everyone wrote a sentence-long summary of the first volume. Unsurprisingly, it was pretty hard! We couldn’t use the same words and eventually my group’s summary didn’t make any sense, really. I found this to be a useful exercise because it just goes to show how difficult of a graphic novel The Unwritten is to describe in a single sentence. There’s a lot that goes on in it, some of it seemingly unrelated (especially the last twenty or so pages.)

As for my favorite blog post about The Unwritten, I liked what “ahart” said about himself being worried that the novel was going to turn out to be like a manga and “just be about a kids basic life.” I felt the same way upon starting! And, like “ahart,” I was happily proven wrong…maybe I just felt that way by the title page and the back cover. I’m not entirely sure. “Kristine Brown” also brought up a good point — we never really discussed the themes of fame and celebrity and their part in the novel that much in class. I would’ve liked that as well! Lastly, the website that “Michael Gillespie” posted that dealt with Mike Carey and Peter Gross was pretty interesting, I found after taking a look at it.