Reading the Unwritten

Something from our class discussions that I found interesting was the possible meanings of the title of the series itself, “The Unwritten,” and what it could be referring to.

I remember it was suggested that “unwritten” could refer to the way that Count Ambrosio can never die as he is “unliving.”  Similarly, stories that actually remain unwritten can never “die,” in a sense, since once they are put to paper they become vulnerable to being reinterpreted, or warped, as in the case of Jud Suss.

It may also refer to Tom himself, the “real” Tom, not the one written about in his father’s stories.  Although the lines between fantasy and reality often become blurred within the novels…

As a series that is still a work in progress, I guess it also may be too soon to come to any conclusions.

One thought on “Reading the Unwritten”

  1. You reminded me of another possible meaning of “unwritten” when you pointed out that the series is a work in progress: all of the issues to come are “unwritten.” Perhaps Carey and Gross are—once again—being extremely self-aware about the medium, and how the draw of an ongoing series is the suspense that arises while readers wait for all of the unwritten issues to appear.

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