Warning! Better Lawns through Chemistry

Lawn Doctor (Larger Image)
Posted to Flickr by samplereality.

Here’s a sign in the front yard of a house in my subdivision. The “Lawn Doctor” has been there, doing whatever it takes to make the grass green, green, green.

What’s with the blue thumb? Instead of signaling competence with gardening (a green thumb) it’s as if Mr. Freeze or the Cold Miser has gotten hold of the yard and gone to town. Or maybe the thumb is infected? It’s not clear.

There’s no direct warning on the sign, but it does recommend reading the “door hanger for additional information.” I was polite enough not to sneak a peek at the door hanger on the front door, but I’m sure it had all sorts of friendly reminders not to let pets or small children play in the yard for the next day or so. At least until the rain washes away the chemicals into our drinking supply…