Disco Tango

One of the latest memes spreading through the net is “Apache,” a 1977 music video by the Seebach Band, a Danish disco group led by Tony Seebach. (Via Boing Boing)

Enthralled by this video, I’ve done some cursory research on this Danish wunderkind, and I discovered in 1979 he released an album called Disco Tango. Like the earlier music video, which features a Danish keyboardist in chaps and a fringed leather shirt singing about Native Americans on the Great Plains, while scantily clad Scandivanian women in headdresses dance by, this album cover epitomizes the pastiche of postmodernism. Disco? and Tango? Together at last? It’s a dream come true!!

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  1. I too have discovered the apache video. I’ve watched it four times in two days. I must know more!

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