Feeling frustrated with your fellow Americans after looking at the latest presidential poll results? Vent with the Ant City game!

bomber.jpgIf the predictions are correct and Bush wins, can we all expect to be issued a “Visual Language Survival Guide”? — a glossy, colorful pamphlet given to U.S. troops and independent contractors in Iraq, intended to help Americans communicate with prisoners of war, enemy combatants, and the random Iraqi civilian.

The top image to left is presumably for those situations in which you’re not sure (a) if the sniper is in a building, and if so, which floor; or (b) if the sniper is behind a grassy knoll. (You know, I’m beginning to wonder if there’s a link between Saddam and JFK’s assassination…Has Bush mentioned anything about that yet?)

The bottom image very helpfully allows you to politely inquire about where, exactly, the mad suicide bomber hid his explosives: (a) on his yellow sweater; (b) duct-taped to a stationwagon; or ==(c)== carefully hidden on the side of his truck.

I’ve only got two comments about this image: damn, those are big ass sticks of dynamite. And, wow, can he really drive looking out the window like that? I mean, that’s a major safety hazard. If that’s the way Iraqis really drive, then they do deserve to be invaded, occupied, and subjected to American graphic artistry supremacy.