Email the White House!!

Have I been too hard on the current administration? Is our White House more representative, more responsive, more attune to everyday Americans’ hopes and concerns than I give it credit for?

I was pleased to find today that you can email the White House and they’ll write back to you. They’ll even post the most critically important email questions and answers on the White House Interactive Home Page.

Let’s take a look at what kinds of hard-hitting, penetrating questions Americans ask of their president, and how he responds.

There’s Daphne from Fresh Meadows, New York, who wonders if it’s true that the first President Bush hated broccoli "so much he took it off the White House menu?"

Wow, that’s a tough one. I’m not sure Scott McClellan, the White House Press Secretary, can handle it. Oh, but wait, he doesn’t have to! When you are the product of a political dynasty founded on oil money and warmongering, you can always call up backup forces, and here, the original Bush answers the question. Yes, a cameo appearance by President H.W. Bush! Here’s what he answers to Daphne: "I never asked that it be removed from White House menus. I just vowed that I would never eat it again, and I have courageously stuck to that promise." Awesome!! Father, like son, sticks to his promises! That’s right, Mr. President, don’t back down now from that terrible broccoli threat. The green menace? Bring it on!!

Hmmm, what’s else have prodding Americans been asking the White House? Scrolling down the page, we see a very probing question, perhaps one of the most critical indictments of White House policy I’ve seen so far this election year. Tiffany from Canton, Ohio, bitterly writes, "Can you please move the President’s speech to another time? I want to watch American Idol. How about moving the speech to 9pm?" Ouch! If I were Scott McClellan I’d be hiding my tail between my legs after that ass-kicking. You’ve got to hand it to this White House, though, they’re brimming with irrepressible devotion to the truth, and McClellan admirably answers Tiffany’s concerns, saying,

I think we are going to stick to the 8:30pm time tonight. There are some important issues that the President wants to discuss with the American people at a time when most Americans will be able to hear what he has to say. The good news for American Idol fans is that FOX is moving tonight’s episode to tomorrow night at 8.

Sock it to ’em, Scott! How’s that for a White House comeback! Yes, you heard right, the White House is making official pronouncements about important domestic issues, such as our television schedules and the alarming number of bad singers whom millions of Americans can’t live without. Now if the White House can only help me get HBO.

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  1. As time goes on here and we listen to the comments of Bush and Kerry around the Iraq War. I would like to comment to both of these men. Where does it say in public service that during war time we must continue to finacially support all the perks our upper echelon of the miltary, government leaders and the house and senate continue have while the country strugges to cover the needs of our soldiers in Iraq. We needed money to immediately provide parts, bullet proof vests and requested additional eqiupment. Leadership means asking everyone to step up to the plate and find the money.. Neither of these men have supported our soldiers over there in my opinion. Bush spins and ex veteran Kerry didn’t vote to monetarily support the men fighting this war. We have an obligation to give each soldier fighting the best we have as a nation so they have a reasonable chance to return to their families walking off the plane and not in a body bag. Our leaders need to lead by example not by the leadership of blaming and spin. Talk means walk also.

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