Terror Alert Banana

Just ran across the clever “Terror Alert Banana” on victorisdead, which I in turn found from Andy Baio’s blog Waxy.org. The dancing banana changes colors whenever the Department of Homeland Security changes the terror alert level (right now it’s a nice, staid yellow). Here it is:

Makes me wonder about other “Homeland Hacks.” A lot of fun can be had on the DHS’s Ready.gov site, which features illustrative posters that tell the cowering U.S. citizenry what to do in cases of, among other things, nuclear attack. The Houston Coalition for Justice Not War has created its own satirical captions for these “What To Do in a Terrorist Attack” posters, such as this one:


Be on the lookout for terrorists with pinkeye and leprosy.
Also, they tend to rub their hands together manically.

Are there other Homeland Hacks out there? Let me know, and I’ll add them here.