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Seeker- Most deserving of a sequel

I found a website, called Gamecola, that gives out awards to new games annually. In  2007, Portal won several awards, including: Best new character: GlaDOS, Most Innovative, and Most deserving of a sequel. Mission: accomplished.

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Experts vs. Novice Players

I think the main difference between expert versus novice game players in general is intensity. Expert players obviously play more often, so they have more invested in the games. They invest more time, thought, and emotions into their favorite games. … Continue reading

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Game, game, game, and again game

I played Game, Game, Game, and again Game and I thought about Galloway’s chapter about “countergaming”, and I started thinking about how the the six differences he listed apply to this game. Some of the things Galloway listed were very … Continue reading

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Do girls prefer games designed by girls? (seeker)   I read an article discussing gender issues in video games. They tested several hypotheses by forming groups of same gender children of different ages. Each group come up with a game design, and then they gave the … Continue reading

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Game time versus Cinema time

I had some trouble understanding Galloway’s description on pages 65-67 of how video games and cinema differ in the definition of time. He says that video games can be paused, sped up, slowed down, and restarted. But movies can do … Continue reading

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Keeping up with cinema

While I was looking online, I found an article about the Nintendo 3DS set to be released on March 27th. Then I searched videos on it to see what it really was. My brother has the Nintendo DSi which I … Continue reading

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Stephanie- First Reader

Before every road trip we go on, my ten year old brother makes a list and packs the important things that he needs for the trip. For most people, this might include a toothbrush and fresh clothes. But my brother … Continue reading

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