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 I thought sound, in particular voices and the associated gender of those voices, was rather important in level 16 of Portal. I’m pretty sure it’s test 16, but if I’m wrong, it’s the first one with the robots that are shooting at you (I don’t … Continue reading

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Game players

Novice game players are players with little experience either playing games in general or playing a specific game. Expert game players are players who have played a game enough to know details about the game and the best strategies to … Continue reading

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In Galloway’s chapter on countergaming, he talks about game mods, and how games can be modified in three basic ways, but the second mod, which is a change “at the level of the rules of the game, changing how gameplay unfolds-who … Continue reading

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Tomb Raider

In Schleiner’s article about gender and gender-roles in video games, she points out early on that before Tomb Raider, characters were “almost exclusively male, with the exception of the princesses offered as battle trophies…” and while Lara Croft is most … Continue reading

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List-Farah, Rebecca, Sonia, Lauren S.

1: Text based commands 2: Controller = keyboard, so many different commands 3: Takes place in a simulated environment/world 4: Different results from different commands (many possible storylines) 5: Always a puzzle that needs to be solved, but little is … Continue reading

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History of First Person Shooters

I was curious as to how first person shooter games came about, and how they became so popular, so I found this website that has five parts about the time history of first person shooter games. It’s not incredibly detailed, but it does touch … Continue reading

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Nintendo and Marketing

According to Kline, Nintendo created a near monopoly on video games by doing a few things. By creating the “lock and key” in their cartridges, Nintendo was assured that only they could produce games for their systems. By allowing other … Continue reading

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Seeker-Rebecca Merritt The other day while listening to NPR, a story came up about a “subculture” of gamers: those gamers that play Final Fantasy. The story mentioned that sporting gmaes or shooter games are more “mainstream”, while more complex world games require … Continue reading

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