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Class Question

The differences between expert and novice game players: Expert game players spend a vast amount of time playing video games during their recreation hours. They know secrets, cheats, and their way around different games even if they haven’t played them … Continue reading

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A cultural artifact..

Video games have obviously had an impact on society in a similar way to art forms such as movies and music. The idea to preserve the video games in a canon is excellent. One of the most fascinating parts of … Continue reading

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Controversial games…

So, I wanted to give you this list of games that I found as the “Top 12 Most Controversial“. This list has some very interesting/disturbing games. I can’t even pick one that is most disturbing because they are all disturbing … Continue reading

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Newcomer to IF games…

I have never played an interactive fiction game before. Interactive games require the player to think out their actions before actually acting them out. The game will also tell the player that they cannot complete a certain action or that … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Video Game Music

The article The Evolution of Video Games from NPR gave an interesting but brief history of the music in video games. Reflecting on the musical background of video games today, I realized how extensive this evolution actually is. The sound … Continue reading

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Thinking out loud…

After reflecting on the three articles, I’ve come to see the importance of stressing the difference between stories and games. Koster makes the comparison of the two on page 88 and though he only states the differences briefly, it is … Continue reading

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Lauren H – Seeker

PacMan or Pac-mecium is an article discussing the inclusion of games into learning. Researchers have begun to develop games that incorporate biology into games such as PacMan and Pinball. These games make learning more interesting and fun for students. During … Continue reading

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