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Came across this on Facebook…

So, this seems like the newest generation of Columbine RPG game:  

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UT Videogame Archive

The link I wanted to post was this: This is a link to UT’s video game archive, and shows what they have and how they use it.

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Experts vs Novice Players

I think that there are several differences between expert game players and novice game players. On a very basic level, I would say that expert game players are better at the games they play, have logged more hours playing, and … Continue reading

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The Cost of Life

In Ayiti: The Cost of Life, you make all of the life choices for a Haitian family of five. This game was designed to more “realistically and sensitively” portray poverty. While you start out a cute little family, after the … Continue reading

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Interactive Fiction Competition

I was looking into current developments with Interactive Fiction games and ran across this. The Annual Interactive Fiction game competition has been going on since 1995, and has some “now familiar people” who have entered and won. However, it looks … Continue reading

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From 8-bits to Grammys: Videogame Sound and Music

Upon reading the assigned articles for the week, I was struck by how little I had previously appreciated the music, or really any sound for that matter, in video games. Sure, I’d always noticed that if I was playing Kirby, … Continue reading

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Lara Croft and Sexuality in Video Games

In class on Tuesday, we spent some time talking about the “skin” of video games. In particular, we highlighted Lara Croft. Does her changing look affect game play? Maybe not the functionality of the game, but it does affect the … Continue reading

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Chloe (first reader)

When applying Koster’s definition of a good game to Pac-Man and Flow I thought that each in their own way fit the mold of a game that, “teaches everything it has to offer before the player stops playing.” While each … Continue reading

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