One Chance

I recently came across One Chance The basic idea is you are a scientist who cured cancer. You may have also doomed the human race. There are a series of choices to be made, and you only get one chance to play. (Don’t cheat to play again.) I thought it was quite interesting, especially when halfway though I felt that I had chosen the wrong path, but it was too late to switch things.

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2 Responses to One Chance

  1. Jason Ko says:

    Ah yes. I too independently discovered this game a while back, when we were talking about Every Day the Same Dream. This game is often compared to EDSD, but I believe the removal of the replay feature actually detracts from the experience. How is one to know what the correct path was if the game does not allow replaying. The player will always be left with a sense of doubt over whether or not there was a winning path programmed into the game somewhere. If the game is repayable, then it would remove all doubt, showcasing that in fact there is no way to win, and the only “best path” is to do what one feels is best at the time.

    Of course, debate of that ideology is an entirely different matter.

  2. I guess the idea behind One Chance is that, as in real life, you only get one chance in the game. As the saying goes, there are no do-overs in life. (Which of course is not exactly true.)

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