online assignment

Part 1:

-Circular Reasoning: I could correct this by combining these sentences or even getting rid of one of them so I would no longer be repeating myself.

“There have been recent studies done using the caffeine in coffee as a possible treatment for the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, but how effective is this treatment in comparison to others that are more commonly used?

The question that I am trying to answer through my research is how do the results of caffeine from coffee as a treatment to Alzheimer’s disease compare to the results of cholinesterase inhibitors, a more commonly accepted treatment for the disease, as a treatment seeing that coffee is so easily accessible to much of the world.”

-bandwagon appeal: Though this is a true statement, it would be more powerful if I gave an actual statistic to show that many people consume coffee

“Everyday billions of people are consuming this product and without knowing it, could be aiding their own health and well-being.”

Part 2:

I envision my poster being somewhat split up like my research paper. One section will be an introduction with a little bit of background information on coffee and Alzheimer’s. The second section will be on the actual research I had done which will include graphs and pictures. This section will be the middle section and will be split into two sections itself. The first section will be on the coffee treatment and the other will be on the cholinesterase inhibitor treatment. The third section will display my results and conclusion. Throughout all of these sections I am keeping in mind that I am only limited to 300 words so much of the poster will be filled with pictures and graphs and other data. I plan to make my poster very eye catching using lots of color and probably painting the board’s different sections to make it more interesting.