logical fallacy/poster assignment

Part 1

-They could broaden their horizons and realize how the world is much larger than their limited life experience has shown them.

In this sentence “they” refers to elementary school children.  This is a hasty generalization, because I am making the assumption that children have no worldly experiences.  However, many children, such as children whose families participate in the military, have lived in multiple countries around the world.  I could specify the statement to talk about how the majority of American children do not travel abroad at a young age.

-For all the benefits of the internet, there are scholars who are extremely wary about the freedom that the internet hands a group of children who are anywhere between the ages of five and twelve.

This is a pretty blatant bandwagon appeal, combined with an appeal to authority.  I speak of how people who have higher education are wary of giving the internet to younger children.  This could cause some people to change their position in the argument even though it is not backed up by any evidence.  I either need to delete the sentence or rewrite it completely, because it’s not supported by any data.

Part 2

In regards to my poster, I think I’m going to divide the main section of the poster into four parts, each of which will correlate to the four topics in education that I cover within my paper.  For each portion, I want to find a picture that correlates to the subject.  For example, on the math section, I’m going to attempt to try and take a screen shot of an online math game.  On the sides of the poster, I’m considering putting a list of positives and negatives to computer use.  This may be difficult with the word limit, but I’ll do my best to be brief.