Common Logical Fallacies/Poster

Part 1

1) “The continued use of using bullet points will continue the slide of uninformative presentations.” The first problem with this sentence is the double “use.” However, the fallacy would be a hasty generalization. The way it is used in the paper could sort of back up this claim, but I have no real evidence that says this will happen. It is just me inferring it by making connections between two pieces of evidence. To fix this I can either eliminate the sentence completely, or simply change the wording. By saying that this might happen, it would make it more of the connection that I was going for rather then it is definitely going to happen.

2) “However from personal experience, it seems that the two most common methods are visual representation of the information (i.e. chalk board, overhead, or PowerPoint) and the traditional lecture.” While the wording of it doesn’t portray the fallacy, the meaning behind the sentence is the either/or fallacy. I am assuming that these are the only ways of learning, when in fact, there are many more out there I just have not been exposed to them. To fix this I will continue to do research to find other learning methods. If I cannot find any then I will just change the wording to incorporate that there are many types of learning.

Part 2

For my poster, I will break down my paper into three parts, and present each part on a different section of the poster. On one section I will present the overall problem, thesis, and the studies on PowerPoint’s effectiveness I presented at the beginning of the paper. I will present the results of the studies in some form of graph. I presume that of the three sections this will have the most words, because I will use them to help the audience understand the overall concept of my paper. The second section I will present the problems with PowerPoint and what causes it’s ineffectiveness. This should be easy to present through visuals. In the final section, I think it would be cool to present some of the “solutions” I came up with. Again, this should be easy to present visually. This way the audience can see what the “problems” look like, and then what a better presentation and how to delivery it should look like.