common logical fallacies and poster

Fallacy 1:

HASTY GENERALIZATION: because there is no real evidence I have stated that shows that the rate of movies with a relationship theme is actually growing. I would fix this by not actually stating this as a fact but explaining how a lot of movies do have a common theme of relationships.

“Hollywood seems to believe this, the amount of relationship movies out there today has been overwhelming and continues to grow and grow.”

Fallacy 2:

HASTY GENERALIZATION: This is a conclusion I made based on the evidence, and how we react to being cheated on. It says that where cheating is not a big deal the sexuality of females isn’t always focused on completely. Therefor i concluded that the reason we are more upset due to cheating has to do with a focus in our culture on female sexuality. However, this is no where stated.  I will fix this by not mentioning that our culture is necessarily focused on the sexuality of females.

“Also culture can affect how one reacts to the thought of a cheater in a relationship. The culture we live in is more focused on the female sexuality than most cultures are.”


I plan on dividing my poster into three panels one:the topic and the questions I’m asking, two: the “they say”, and three: what I think I will find. In the questions section I will state my question and the different aspects that go into the questions I’m talking about and the break down. In the “they say” I will use it as an opinion based section and show the stereotypes that are out there about my topic. In the third section I will show some of the charts I have already found and some of the evidence that either goes with or against the stereo-types.