Two Part Assignment

Biased Language: “from eight-year old children reading the latest edition of “Flash Gordon” by the schoolyard, to forty-year old men watching the newest episode of “Star Trek” in their parent’s basement, science fiction appeals to a wide assortment of people.”

I can correct this fallacy by amending this sentence to talk more about generalizations of science fiction and not specifically the culture itself. “Forty-year old men” are not a necessary part of this paper.

Hasty Generalization: “Through mythology we learn as much about ourselves and the world around us as we do through science.”

I can correct this fallacy by finding a source that supports this conclusion. Or another option is omitting the sentence completely.

I envision my poster to look like an 8th grade science fair poster board, except way cooler. Haha, just kidding Professor Sample!

I imagine my poster to contain the most salient points of my paper. In specific, I plan on including the definition of science fiction, or at least what I have pieced together, and the name of the work that I have identified as the origin of science fiction. In addition I plan on including intriguing visuals such as colorful pictures of spaceships and book covers to grab the attention of those who are passing by. Perhaps I will also include one or two excellent quotes from scholarly sources that I have found throughout my research. In terms of design I am going to try to make it colorful and fun, yet still serious and scholarly; Word Art is a must have.