Stallybrass Quote

“you are not, nor should be, the origin of your own thoughts”
In this quote, Stallybrass is saying that you will always have thoughts and ideas, but you must also realize that there is a world that thinks as well. This world influences the way you think. This means that you should share the knowledge or your way of thinking to others and see if other people feel the same way. Your thoughts and ideas will be challenged, but this will let you explore the different viewpoints and possibilities. This has to do with the research project because I will be writing a research paper. When I am writing this paper, I must be open to new ideas to see what has already been said and what people are saying now. I must have evidence or the support of other people to claims I will make in my paper. This refers back to the quote. In terms of the research project, the quote is about how I will have my opinion in the research topic I present, but I must be able to look into other ideas and see what information is available to understand my topic better.