Stallybrass ma boy

      Stallybrass seems to be saying that you didn’t know that those words were the correct ones to use inherently, but that you were taught that they are correct. The same goes for research. Any thoughts you have about a subject are not original and you can’t possibly know something about a topic without having been told it. This relates to a research project because it stresses the need to cite cite cite your work. Also, if you have a thought about a subject that you seem to think is your own and not ever asserted before, just look for it somewhere in the scholarship, and you are bound to find it. At the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice awards Will Smith said that you should never stop reading, because any problem you have, someone out there has had the same problem and written about it. No realm of study in this world has gone without consideration nor has it been neglected, so there is information out there about everything.