Enola Gay Exhibit

In class on Thursday, we talked about in situ versus in context exhibits. The Enola Gay exhibit would be an in context exhibit because it is presented with mostly words to explain it. In regards to the issue of the “official story” that is being presented, I feel that it should be up to the museum to display the information that it wants. In the Japanese news article, it is said that the Air and Space Museum wants to be mainly a technological museum. This would imply that the focus of the exhibit would be on the technological advancements needed to facilitate the transport of this new type of weapon. While the tales from Hiroshima are heartbreaking and relevant from a historical standpoint, they are not relevant from a scientific standpoint. If the museum were to stay focused on its scientific aspect, then the “official story”  would not be nearly as controversial, since the context could explain things like how the atom bomb works and they did the technical parts of the bombing. The atom bomb and the Enola Gay both have a fascinating back story that can be told without insult to bomb victims or war veterans  when it is told with a focus on scientfic advancement