enola gay

The Enola gay exhibit shows information regarding the Japanese surrender and helps to depict more clearly what it helped with in WWII. The problem with this exhibit however is that it doesn’t necessarily convey the official story. A lot of what the exhibit is missing has to do with the affects of the bombing on the Japanese as opposed to just the American story. Although the bombs may have been helpful with the war it doesn’t show the negative affects it not only had on Japanese civilians but on the war veterans in America. This exhibit would have been better presented if it had showed both sides of the story as opposed to glorifying the Enola gay to be a wonderful success in the war. Although it helped us to not only secure victory but also end the war it still had its negative effects too. Museums should present both sides of the issue to us instead of being biased. Museums are supposed to help inform let and us form our own opinion as opposed to pushing theirs and certain believes on to the rest of us.