Enola Gay Exhibit



What really struck me as I read through some of these websites were the first two concept documents for the Enola Gay exhibit. I read through the first document and it appeared to have little bias toward any side, the sides being the Japanese or the Americans. It stated in the article that, “the primary goal of this exhibition will be to encourage visitors to make a thoughtful and balances re-examination on the atomic bombings in the light of the political and military factors leading to the decision to use the bomb, the human suffering experiences by people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the long-term implications of the events…”. This made me feel confident that the museum would display actual facts and nothing would be biased. When I read the second concept document I felt totally different. The document stated, “the exhibition would conclude by noting the debatable character of the atomic bombings, as well as their important role as one of the starting points of the nuclear age and Cold War”. I feel like this quote and many others in the document can be perceived as biased. The way this sentence is stated made me feel as if the exhibit would credit this act to be humane and was what revolutionized weapon technology. I thought it was interesting how two somewhat conflicting concepts helped to form the current exhibit.