Frederick Douglas Scrapbook

When browsing through the artifact titled scrapbook I noticed that it wasn’t exactly what one would expect when browsing through a scrap book. Most of the articles actually in the scrap book are news paper clippings announcing the death of Frederick Douglass as opposed to reflecting upon his life accomplishments. In fact almost everything in the scrapbook reflect information regarding his death in dozens of different newspapers, with the occasional photo of Douglass. The obituaries that are written next to his death announcement inform the reader about the family he had up to that point in time and the kind of life that he had lived. At the time of his death it is safe to say that he was a well respected man for there to be this much media over his passing. The obituaries also reference him with high regards, at the time of his passing he had accomplished a lot that many may never get to in their life time. It is safe to say that this was written in 1895, because this was the year he had passed away.

It tells us that Frederick Douglass had made a name for himself by the time that he had passed and was now known across the nation for his accomplishments in being an abolitionist. This artifact however does not inform us about what kind of news papers were announcing his death. There could be a difference in how people viewed his death based upon how biased the newspaper was especially in terms of race.