The North Star

The North Star was an anti-slavery newspaper published by Frederick Douglass.  The article The North Star seems to be the very first of many articles within Douglass’ newspaper.  This first article explains why Douglass chose to name his newspaper The North Star, and uses poetic comparisons, between struggles of the actual northern star with natural phenomenons to the struggles of the anti-slavery movement towards freedom, in order to fully demonstrate the power behind the name, The North Star.  Douglass compares the movement’s struggles to tempests, earth-quakes, and storm bolts, and also compares the movement’s resolve to the power of the northern star.  Douglass also uses a very unique way of stating his ideas and goals saying, “We shall cherish the one [faith], indulge the other [hope], and endeavor to gain the last [freedom] for our slavery-smitten countrymen.”

I am amazed at the eloquence as well as the elegance of Frederick Douglass’ writing skills.  Even though he learned how to read and write late in his life, and learned it by himself at that, his writings have a way of painting a picture that captivates the reader and appeals to their emotions.  Through reading his book, and this article, I see that Douglass likes to incorporate aspects of nature into his writings to describe things likes faith, hope, and freedom on a much deeper level, both emotionally and mentally.

In this particular article, Frederick Douglass mentions the morning star and the evening star as other suggested names for his newspaper, and says he was requested to not use the name the north star.  This brings to question who suggested the others names, and who requested him to not use the name the north star.  In the final paragraph, Douglass refers to his newspaper as a “humble sheet”, what does this mean?