Research Journal #1: Douglass, Frederick (General) – Folder 9 of 9

The name of the article is In the Memory of Frederick Douglass, which is about the death of Fredrick Douglas. Most of the article is about what Mrs. Sewalls said during a convention that talked about his death. It says how great of a man, Mr. Douglass was and his significance during the period of change. The period of change that is being referred is the Women’s Suffrage Movement and anti-slavery movement. It also mentions that before his death, he was attending a meeting. He was given an ovation at the platform, but he declined.

The document is a draft because there are editing marks over the pages. Although the exact date of the article is unknown, we can assume that it is just after the death of Frederick Douglass, which is in the year 1895. The purpose of this article is to reflect on the death of Mr. Douglass and his efforts to change society. Since Mrs. Sewall’s is quoted for most of the article with her speech, which shows that Mr. Douglass knew Mrs. Sewall very well. She is an abolitionist and a suffragist, which shows that Douglass had ties with many well-known figures at the time. It also shows that he is a large advocated of helping women gaining their right to vote. Some the things I wondered while reading this passage is what is Mr. Sewall’s relationship was with Mr. Douglass and who the originial author is of this document.