The Unwritten round up

One of the discussions we had in class that I would have like to expand on was the “delusions” of the little girl, Cosi. In the book, when Cosi says that her magic is getting better after yelling some “magic” words and poking another student in the eye her mother insists that she go to a psychiatrist. After speaking with Cosi he tells her parents that she is delusional and that she firmly believes that she can do magic like in the Tommy Taylor books. ┬áHer mother immidately accepts this explination for her daughter’s behavior and refuses to belive that it is just a child’s imagination running wild. But if we put this into terms we in the “real world” can understand, is she so delusional? What child who read the Harry Potter novels wasn’t the tiniest bit disappointed that their letter from Hogwarts didn’t come when they were 11? I know I was a little when the magical letter didn’t come. At a young age I knew that the Harry Potter world was just pretend/make believe but that doesn’t stop that little bit of childlike hope that some people have that witches and wizards really do exist.