Tommy Taylor isn’t Harry Potter, He’s Christopher Milne

I found this interesting¬† interview with Mike Carey on Blogtown where he talks about the Unwritten. The interview touches on many things we discussed in class and which is why I chose to share this interview instead of some of the other ones out there. Carey talks about the different forms of media that was used in the book. In class we talked about how Thomas Taylor is the name of the illustrator of the Harry Potter books, well in this interview Carey says who the character Pullman is named after(you’re going to have to read the interview to find out who). In the interview Carey also discloses that Harry Potter wasn’t the starting point of the book and that Tommy Taylor’s character is actually based on Christopher Milne (the son of the author of Winnie the Pooh books). This interview gives a lot of insight into the different parts of the book that we discussed in class.