Re:Unwritten meets Pagemaster

I totally agree with ahart9’s claims that this novel is a lot like the Pagemaster.  When I was first reading this novel it reminded me of those comics they would pass out to third grader bemoaning the use of drugs.  It really took me back to my childhood in a weird way.  I really don’t like this graphic novel personally which is not say that it isn’t a good novel but it just don’t cut the mustard for me personally.  I also thought Tom was really obnoxious and angsty and I understand that it’s a set up for a character arc and what not but I think it’s always a daring move when an author makes their main character so unpalatable because no matter how the character may change a reader’s first impression is often their last or only impression.  For whatever reason I just could not get over the way these pages where set up and the way the characters were developed.  I just found it irksome, but I still am glad that I’ve had a chance to read it because it is interesting to look back at all the novels we’ve read so far and notice the different styles of storytelling and artistic interpretation.

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    1. I wasn’t really sure what exactly it was that bothers me so much but after looking back at the book it really is the art style and the composition and the way that it correlates to the plot line. It reminds me of the way that this old anti-drug propaganda comic was designed that I was forced to read in elementary school.

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