Unwritten meets Page Master!

The Unwritten was one of the few books that I found to be quite exciting. I love the drawing style and how the title fits so perfectly with story but before reading it you would have no idea what it meant. When i first started reading it I was worried that it would be another one of those books about manga writers or whatever and it would just be about a kids basic life. I was happily proven wrong. I didn’t expect what I got from this book at all. It was exciting and compelling. It was cool how the things that were happening in the book were coming to life and how it was surrounding the main character Tom who his father named the main character in the book after. Reading through these two volumes I couldn’t help but be reminded of the Page Master! An old kids movie where Macaulay Culkin gets sucked into different books. I even looked up the third volume and Tom is supposedly going to be in the story of Moby Dick! Just like in the Page Master! I really liked this book and plan to read the rest of the volumes.

One thought on “Unwritten meets Page Master!”

  1. I’m thrilled that The Unwritten was such a pleasant surprise to you. I’d like to hear more about what makes it compelling. Highlighting the cool things in the comic is a great start, but it’s important to delve even deeper into what the graphic novel is doing, how it’s doing that, and to what end.

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