Swallowed Whole

Whoa. What an interesting novel….

I read the review that “ekimo” wrote and I would definitely agree that “Ruth doesn’t fight it, while Perry does.”

I loved how many full-page spreads there were in this novel too — they were all very, very memorable, especially with Powell’s fantastic use of black and white imagery. The pill bottle alone in a page full of black? Wonderful.

Lastly, I’d be lying if I said that this wasn’t the most engrossing novel so far. I really felt part of the world they were in (or thought they were in) and seriously began to hear insects by the end of it XD

2 thoughts on “Swallowed Whole”

  1. I’d like to hear more about what makes the graphic novel so engrossing. It’s an intriguing paradox–that we have very little explanation of what’s going on, yet the novel effectively engages us nonetheless. How does that happen? Is it something about the graphics? Is it something about the panel layout? What is it?

  2. I suppose, for me, it wasn’t so much the subject matter of the novel that made it engrossing so much as it was the way it was presented. The strong blacks on the full-spread pages made the pages more memorable. And after a lot of them popped up throughout the book, there were many (almost an overwhelming amount) scenes that I was left thinking about.

    In a way, I guess I was just plain disturbed by the book, more so than any other we’ve read in the class! We haven’t really explored mental illnesses yet in the class to my knowledge, and perhaps that’s what did me in — just violence and abuse primarily…for controversial topics, that is.

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