Maus II: Auschwitz

I noticed while reading the blog that some people were fascinated by Art’s masterful depiction of Auschwitz and the other camps.  I have to agree with Lauren on this;  seeing those images of sick and dying mice makes you wonder what kind of psychopath would do such things to human beings, and it makes you admire the people who survived against incredible odds.  Again, Art does a superb job of depicting Auschwitz, considering that he has never seen the camp, or the horrors within.  In order to have drawn the death camp so hauntingly, he must have visualized his idea of a place that was the closest to being a real-life hell on earth.  Lauren also makes a good point in that, unless you experienced the Holocaust or something similar, no one would truly be able to understand the atrocities committed in the name of racial superiority.  Everyone gets caught up with the visual representation in Maus, but the dialogue is just as important, too.  The way the accents are captured makes it so easy to hear the characters actually speaking to each other rather than just reading text on a page.