Original Edition of Gods’ Man

After reading Gods’ Man, I was curious as to how Lynd Ward presented his work to the general public. In the edition we read for class, there was one image per page However, there were images on the back’s of pages, allowing two images to sit side by side. In other versions of Gods’ Man, Ward put only one picture per page and had nothing on the back’s of pages, forcing the viewer to look at each image one at a time. This is the method that was used inĀ the original edition, which was published in 1929. By clicking on each individual picture, you can see a large image of how each page looked.

One thought on “Original Edition of Gods’ Man”

  1. Great find! This definitely clears up the question we had in class. Now, the next really interesting question is, how is the reader’s experience affected by the two different methods of presentation (images only on the fronts of pages versus images on both backs and fronts)?

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