Blogging Groups

Every student is required to post at least once a week (either by Monday at midnight or Wednesday at midnight, a rotating schedule that depends upon your last name). Posts should run between 200-300 words. There is no make-up for missed posts.

The posts can take many forms. Sometimes I will provide specific prompts for you to consider in your post. Other times your blog entry may be more open-ended. There are a number of ways to approach these open-ended posts: consider the course material using critical approaches you’ve used before; write about an aspect of the day’s reading that you don’t understand, or something that jars you; formulate an insightful question or two about the reading and then attempt to answer your own questions; or bring in some outside links or resources online, and explain their significance and connection to our class.

Your post can also be a direct response or comment (using the comment feature) to another group member’s post. When you respond to another student’s post, you can build upon it, disagree with it, re-think it, or connect it to other blog posts.

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