Robbery in a sleepy little town

Like many of our neighbors, our house was broken into sometime in the past week. We can’t really nail the exact time down, since we were gone. And we can’t really say what was taken yet, since we’re still gone. Jewelry seems to be the main objective. At least that what’s been taken from most of the other thirty or so houses in town that were also robbed.

So we’re here at my inlaws, and speculation runs rampant, about what we could’ve done differently to prevent this, about the thief or thieves’ modus operandi, about what might be missing when we finally get home.

Here are some of our brainstorms:

Who the thieves are:

* a professional jewelry ring
* a local kid out for kicks
* the Pink Panther

What their goals are:

* get rich quick
* looking for money for drugs
* just plain looking for drugs (sorry, we took all our heroin and crack cocaine with us for the holidays)

How they got in:

* jimmying the back door
* jimmying the kitchen window
* down through the chimney, quick, quick, quick

How can we prevent this from happening again:

* a security alarm
* a vicious bloodsucking dog
* never leave home again