Summary of tweets for May 3rd, 2012

Below is a summary of tweets from May 3rd, 2012

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@samplereality: Some of the games they’re designing, I can’t wait to play myself! #HNRS35303 May 12 18:42
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@samplereality: #HNRS353 students are demoing their homemade videogames today. Very proud of the smart work they’ve done in a matter of two weeks! – 03 May 12 18:41
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@samplereality: GAME OVER RT @chriswjones best last class ever. thanks @samplereality #HNRS35303 May 12 17:38
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@chriswjones: best last class ever. thanks @samplereality #HNRS35303 May 12 17:15

About Professor Sample

Mark Sample is an Associate Professor in the Department of English at George Mason University, where he researches and teaches contemporary and experimental literature, electronic literature, graphic novels, and videogames.
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