Summary of tweets for April 25th, 2012

Below is a summary of tweets from April 25th, 2012

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@EpicDang: I can’t put my #hnrs353 game project down.. Constantly thinking of new ideas to put into the game #whatisthis25 Apr 12 05:33
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@profsample: @fluffysentinull The pitch can be hardcopy or emailed to me. #HNRS35324 Apr 12 15:28
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@FluffySentinull: @samplereality the pitch is to be in hardcopy format in-class, not turned in through blackboard or anything, right? #HNRS35324 Apr 12 15:23

About Professor Sample

Mark Sample is an Associate Professor in the Department of English at George Mason University, where he researches and teaches contemporary and experimental literature, electronic literature, graphic novels, and videogames.
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