Where Should The Line Be Drawn?

In class on Tuesday, we created a bit of a laundry list of certain historical events that would result in a controversy if a videogame was made about them. This included anything from the Challenger disaster to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It was argued many times that older events that occurred before our lifetimes would feel more comfortable if a videogame was made about them. I do not think this is entirely true. I believe that it mainly depends on which disastrous events in history are emphasized to be the most sensitive. These events can be different for any given person.

There has been wide public backlash faced by games such as JFK: Reloaded. But games like Call of Duty that allow players to fight as terrorists and kill Americans do not receive that sort of backlash. Therefore, I do not think historical relevance has that much to do with controversy generated by videogames made about sensitive events. Subjects of all kinds will continue to be presented in videogames. I do not think any sort of line can really be drawn as something that takes things too far. Because they are games, people do not have to actually play them. Just like books and movies, people have a choice as to what they want to expose themselves to. I predict that even more games about events like these will be made in the future.

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