ENGL 300: The Graphic Novel George Mason University (Spring 2011)


Response to A-Jay

I agree that the ambiguity through out the novel was done on purpose in order to draw ties between the reader and the protagonists. Schizophrenia is a visual experience for the people effected by it. Being able to go into that world is something that can only be done through a visual medium.  I think that Powell did an excellent job trying to make something that is so abstract become clear(er) through a graphic novel. A-Jay mentioned the "the small illegible writing, the representation of darkness, and the things filling the gutters" Elements like these were part of trying to extract the level of insanity that people with schizophrenia/on heavy medications have to put up with in their day to day lives. I love how each page has so much substance to them. I feel like Powell has taken the most advantage of the black and white medium for a graphic novel that we have seen so far in this class. Shifting which color dominated each spread depending on the tone the novel was at, or if there was a hallucination being experienced by one of the characters. He is able to twist these two colors to evoke such powerful feelings. He also mentioned it being the more engrossing novel so far. I have to agree ten fold. After learning recently that I am in the prime age of people who start experiencing the effects of schizophrenia, this book started to hit pretty close to home in what my life could be like.

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